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The Lapphund Club of Finland's breeding database Lappalaiskoiratietokanta now online

Lähetetty: 01.06.2021 07:29
Kirjoittaja Janika Wikstén
For years, owners and breeders of Finnish Lapponian Dogs, Lapponian Herders and Swedish Lapphunds have been submitting health information about their dogs to the Breeding Committee of the club. Until now, all information that the owners have agreed to make public has been published on the club's website in the form of lists, however, from now on the information will be available in a database:

This database is a simplified public version of the database that the Breeding Committee of the Lapphund Club of Finland uses when evaluating breeders' intended litters, compiling statistics, etc. While the Breeding Committee database contains all health information ever collected by the club, this public version only shows the information that the owners have given permission to publish. An English version of the database is on the roadmap, however, there is no timeline for the release.

The database contains all Finnish Lapponian Dogs, Lapponian Herders and Swedish Lapphunds ever registered in Finland (note that new litters will be uploaded with a slight delay). In addition, there is a large number of dogs bred outside of Finland (more will be added as time permits). If you would like your Finnish Lapponian Dog, Lapponian Herder or Swedish Lapphund added to the database or would like to update your dog's details, please fill out this form:
Note that you need to submit formal documentation (such as the eye test form or lab results) in order for us to record the information. For diseases diagnosed by a veterinarian we do not necessarily require documentation.

All information about hereditary health and temperament issues from all around the world is welcome! The more information we are able to collect, the healthier the three breeds will remain in the years to come as breeders can make more informed breeding decisions based on the data available. If your dog does not suffer from any condition or does not have any hereditary defects or temperament issues, you can still contribute by making your dog's profile public using the link above.