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Today is Saturday May 15. 2021

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Originated in Swedish Lapland, the Swedish Lapphund stems from reindeer-herding dogs. It is a courageous, outgoing, loyal family pet that loves children.

The Swedish Lapphund is seldom used as a reindeer herder these days, however, it has become a popular family pet and companion for canine sports in its native Sweden. What is more, it is also used as a guard dog as it is so courageous and alert. In Finland, the breed is still relatively rare.

The Swedish Lapphund is a profuse-coated dog that enjoys the outdoors. However, it should never be kept solely as an outdoor-only pet since the breed likes being around people. The Swedish Lapphund is at its happiest when it is allowed to do some physical and mental work on a daily basis, and is given training and regular exercise.

Exercise, food and love - if you provide these for your Swedish Lapphund in right proportions, it is happy and will also show it to you.

The Swedish Lapphund is reliable, loyal, obedient, stubborn, independent, lively, and alert. It is relatively easy to train provided that the training is carried out in a consistent manner. It is an active breed and therefore well suited for various canine hobbies. The Swedish Lapphund has retained its herding and guarding instincts, which is why it does not normally leave its territory, but instead tends to defend it, expressing suspicion towards animals and people it does not know.

The Swedish Lapphund can be regarded as a relatively healthy breed. Some cases of hip dysplasia and canine epilepsy have been diagnosed.

Founded in 1970, the breed club of the Swedish Lapphund, Finnish Lapphund, and Lapponian Herder in Finland is Lappalaiskoirat ry. There are more than 4000 members in the club, which is headed by chairman Sari Laitinen.


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