Parentage testing for dogs bred by Fidelis and Miehtebiekka kennels

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Parentage testing for dogs bred by Fidelis and Miehtebiekka kennels

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The Finnish Kennel Club board decided in their meeting on 16 June 2017 that the five latest litters registered by the Fidelis kennel and the three latest litters registered by the Miehtebiekka kennel have to be DNA tested to confirm their parentage. The Finnish Kennel Club has asked the Lapphund Club of Finland to assist in reaching the owners of the dogs subject to parentage testing. The testing must be carried out by 30 Sept 2017 and a failure to do so will result in the dog being transferred to the so-called EJ register ("Not for Breeding" register). This also applies to dogs exported outside of Finland, and their blood sample or buccal swab must be taken by a licenced veterinarian.

The Finnish Kennel Club will reimburse the sample collection fee and laboratory costs (receipts required).

For further information, please send an email to or call +358 44 750 4002.

The dogs subject to parentage testing are listed below:

DOB 11.9.2016 Fidelis Naali (FI18863/13) x Fidelis Tibiae (FI24339/14)
• Fidelis Pax (FI52863/16)
• Fidelis Shalom (FI52862/16)
• Fidelis Peace (FI52864/16)
• Fidelis Rauha (FI52865/16

DOB 24.5.2016 Fidelis Unicus (FIN44216/06) x Fidelis Birja (FIN31992/08)
• Fidelis Jesper (FI43723/16
• Fidelis Joonatan (FI43724/16)
• Fidelis Kasper (FI43722/16

DOB 22.1.2016 Fidelis Miisael (FI44760/12 x Fidelis Rumba (FI59914/11)
• Fidelis Suffeli (FI17854/16)

DOB 15.9.2015 Suursaaren Sibelius (FIN39495/02) x Fidelis Talvitassu (FI33447/11)
• Fidelis Reno (FI50835/15
• Fidelis Tuikku (FI50833/15
• Fidelsi Tähtitaivas (FI50834/15)

DOB 17.5.2015 Fidelis Tusculum (FIN26374/06) x Fidelis Heinähattu (FI59020/10)
• Fidelis Juppihippipunkkari (FI40805/15)
• Fidelis Seikkailija (FI40804/15)
• Fidelis Idän Prinsessa (FI40803/15)

DOB 26.8.2016 Miehtebiekka Capricornus (FI22663/09) x Miehtebiekka Äkson Time (FI48152/15)
• Miehtebiekka Xfactor (FI47437/16)
• Miehtebiekka Xfiles (FI47438/16)
• Miehtebiekka Xenia (FI47436/16)

DOB 20.9.2015 Cranefield´s Yön Sudenhetki (FIN35621/03) x Miehtebiekka Turdus (FI14790/15)
• Miehtebiekka Venni (FI50311/15)
• Miehtebiekka Vanni (FI50312/15)
• Miehtebiekka Vinnare (FI50313/15)

DOB 31.8.2015 Taivaantulen Nippe (FI50439/09) x Miehtebiekka Saana (FI14793/15)
• Miehtebiekka Äkson Boy (FI48149/15)
• Miehtebiekka Äkson Blick (FI48151/15)
• Miehtebiekka Äkson Girl (FI48150/15)
• Miehtebiekka Äkson One (FI48153/15)
• Miehtebiekka Äkson Time (FI48152/15)

What is more, the Finnish Kennel Club and the Lapphund Club of Finland recommend that any other dogs bred by either kennel be parentage tested before breeding from them. For the time being this is a prerequisite for advertising a litter with a Fidelis/Miehtebiekka parent on the Lapphund Club's puppy list.



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