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If a dog owned or bred by you has been diagnosed with any of the below diseases or defects, please fill out the applicable fields in the below form (one form per disease or defect). If you are the breeder, please make sure you have the owner's permission to submit the information.

Providing a veterinary certificate is voluntary, but desirable.

Submit a veterinary certificate

If preferred, your response to this health survey will remain confidential and will be seen by the breeding committee of the Lapphund Club of Finland only. However, you can choose to make your response public to everyone.

Disease or defect: 


Pedigree name of dog: 

Reg. number of dog: 

Pedigree name of sire: 

Registration number of sire: 

Pedigree name of dam: 

Registration number of dam: 

Has the diagnosis been confirmed by a vet?:  

 Yes    No

Was/Is the dog on medication for the condition?:  

 Yes    No

Did you submit a veterinary certificate using the link above?:  

 Yes    No

Additional information on the condition or medication:

Publishing this information: 

 Yes - I permit this information to be released on this website  
 No - This information is confidential and only intended for the breeding committee


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Thank you for responding to the survey!

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